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UNCLE BEN'S Ready Rice Brown Jasmine & Edamame 12pk JDRHZZYFI

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Microwaves in just 90 secondsConvenient pouch eliminates prep and cleanup so you can get your meal on the table fasterNo trans fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterolGood source of fiber from brown Jasmine rice and edamameDelicious flavors to accompany any meat or vegetable dish

UNCLE BEN’S READY RICE Brown Jasmine & Edamame can turn any meal into an Asian-infused dish in just 90 seconds! We’ve also added carrots, garlic, and onion flavor to the rice to create a more complex taste profile that everyone will love. And, the microwaveable pouch eliminates prep and cleanup, so you can feed your family quicker and easier.

This microwaveable rice and edamame is a great way to get the kids in on the fun of cooking—they can learn an easy way to cook, and you can spend quality time together in the kitchen.

The veggie flavors and the hearty, nutty taste of this microwaveable brown Jasmine rice and edamame make an excellent addition to a stir-fry or curry. Plus, it’s a great source of fiber and is the perfect accompaniment to lean cuts of meat, colorful vegetables, and other whole foods.

UNCLE BEN’S products are manufactured by Mars Food North America. You can find UNCLE BEN’S and Mars products around the world.

UNCLE BEN'S Ready Rice Brown Jasmine & Edamame 12pk JDRHZZYFI

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